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Project KA, a light realtime 3x strategy in space is a project developed in 6 months, I (bradu) being the sole developer.

The mission you have is simple: Go from planet to planet (not included in this version) and "colonize" planets (for example, exploration victory = explore 75% of the planet's surface or exobiology victory = find 3 alien lifeforms on the surface of the planet or several other ways to victory).

- "What if a grand strategy game wouldn't take a week to conclude ?" -

This build includes:

  • all buildings and their functionality;
  • all units and their extended functionality (both primary and secondary abilities);
  • full upgrade system (30 upgrades);
  • full mouse and keyboard support (keyboard shortcuts: Enter for Fullscreen, A (fill analyzer), H (build headquarters) etc.);
  • cursor interrogation (hover over points of interest and/or middle mouse click on squares/areas) and cursor helpers (e.g. cursor will turn red at an invalid action or green for a valid one plus an additional blueprint-like sprite);
  • multiple points of feedback with both valid and invalid actions (e.g flashing triangle led, shaking text, red cursor etc.);
  • 2 resources: MC (Metal-Crystal) and HF (Human Factor, which decays as people get old, the in-real-life speed of the game would be very fast);
  • once per game, Request Supplies from back home, if you are running out of resources;
  • violent-free gameplay, no fighting/war/combat;
  • multiple ways of gathering resources (e.g from unit actions, from buildings, from upgrades)
  • one single screen where all the action takes place;
  • one map with all area types and functionality;
  • statistics screen at victory;
  • high replayability via multiple ways to win (and to fail) the map (hint: finish the game once and you will see on the stats screen, other ways you can win the map);
  • light realtime 3X gameplay experience (a game would take from 15 minutes up to 45 minutes from start to end);
  • consequences of real(Earth) life issues
  • wrap-exploring the edges of the map;
  • basic menu layout (main,pause,retry);
  • basic anomaly functionality (when in contact with buildings, resources are being depleted);
  • basic back-end analytics (you might get a firewall/network notification from KA);
  • easter-eggs/secrets;
  • probably some bugs...

This build does not include :

  • actual graphics (everything in the build is pretty much a placeholder, art WIP screenshots below);

  • sound/music;
  • multiple maps;
  • economy tweaks;
  • interactive tutorial;
  • story (for each planet, you find a piece of history);
  • semi-able anomaly (overhauling the feature in the future);
  • placeholder text helper on some interrogations (e.g. buildings);

Short gameplay below:

Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback/comments on KA's itch.io page (below) or on bradu.org (my website, more projects).

Published 76 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3x, 4X, Real time strategy, Space


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